Child Death Review Team

Shasta CAPCC facilitates the work of the Shasta County Child Death Review Team (CDRT) which reviews the death of every child in Shasta County. The primary function of the Shasta County CDRT is to identify how and why children die in order to facilitate the creation and implementation of strategies to prevent future child deaths.T he purpose of the Multidisciplinary Child Death Review Team (CDRT) is to:

  • Ensure that all child abuse-related deaths are identified;
  • Enhance the investigations of all child deaths through multi-agency review;
  • Develop a statistical description of all child deaths as an overall indicator of the status of children; and
  • Develop recommendations for preventing and responding to child deaths based on said reviews and statistical information.

Shasta County’s CDRT reviews the deaths of ALL deaths that occur in Shasta County of children from birth through 18 years of age and has been reviewing deaths and collecting data since 1998

Understanding Child Death Review Teams 

Legislation of Child Death Review Team

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